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Pedro Vega has been working in with Paso Fino horses for over 20 years. He has worked in California and Florida and apprenticed with Eduardo Tobon, and Pacho and David Castro. Pedro has worked at Red Fox Paso Finos since 2005. He is tireless and perseverant, riding daily in the arena, the round pen, and on the trails. He successfully shows our and clients' horses, at regional and national levels.

Pedro helps riders learn about the art and discipline of the Paso Fino breed just the way he helps the horses find the best of themselves: gently and without pressure. During the time he has been at Red Fox, Pedro has started, trained, and finished generations of horses.

In the meantime his own children (Pedrito and Lucero) have grown from childhood to adolescence. The Vega family is an integral part of our Red Fox family.

Pedro can help you learn to ride the Paso Fino horse. If you own a Paso Fino, he can fine tune your horse for show or trail, and work out any problems which may have crept in over time.

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