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About Red Fox Acres
Paso Finos de Zorro Rojo, LLC

Once upon a time, settlers came to this mid-American region and built homesteads. It is believed that German families first cleared the woods and carved out farmland in the rich soil near Troy, Illinois.

Old tombstones reflect settlement which dates back to the early 1800's and tells the story of men, women and children who built solid brick homes, grew corn and wheat, and raised cattle, pigs, and chickens. The crops and domestic animals provided sustenance for the families. Red Foxes, deer, turkeys, loons and owls enjoyed the woods and meadows.

In 1962, Dave and Mamie Mallett bought the Trippel Farm and named it Red Fox Acres.

Dave was a Ford dealer in Collinsville, Illinois, but his imagination and energy was quickly capture by the farm. The Malletts decided to redo the dilapidated 100 year-old farmhouse, bringing in brick from an old church in Anna, Illinois, to keep the vintage architecture pure.

With the help of a large D-8 bulldozer, Dave built four lakes and improved the fields and pastureland. By 1972, Mallett had fenced in enough land that 50 head of Black Angus cattle grazed on Red Fox Acres.

Soon after, he began farming the croplands himself and continued to work the farm until age and health stopped him.

main house at red foc acres - home of Paso Fino  de zorro rojo
At his death in 1995, their daughter Annette Haines and her husband, Lew, moved into the family home.

It took a few years for them to figure out the best use of pastureland, but in 1998, they discovered the Paso Fino horse. Starting with only a mare and two young geldings, they were taken by the intelligence and personality of these horses. As seems to happen in such cases, their herd quickly expanded.

Barns were renovated and pastures cleared and fenced again for the first time in many years. The Paso Fino has become a labor of love, and Paso Finos de Zorro Rojo, LLC was founded in April, 2000 to breed, train, show, and sell fine Paso Finos.

Once again, Red Fox Acres is providing a beautiful rural environment for animals and people, alike. Red fox still roam the woods, blue herons still return to the lakes, and deer and wild turkey still find shelter in the woods and fields.

We sincerely hope that American farmland and farms like Red Fox Acres can continue to survive--supported by agricultural use. We also pray that the natural flora and fauna, the creeks, ponds, and woodlands, can continue to be supported by and support natural use, such as the breeding of these beautiful animals.

Paso Fino  Horses at Red Fox Farms, St. Louis - Lew Haines, Prop.

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